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As the National University, the ANU is committed to excellence in research and education and ensuring societal impact outcomes from these activities. In particular, the University has embraced its responsibility to Indigenous Australia. It works to contribute to the advancement of First Nations peoples by graduating students, as well as through transformative research and direct engagement with communities.

Established in 2020, the FNP is a branch of the University’s Executive Group, reporting directly to the Vice Chancellor (University President and Chief Executive Officer). The FNP has been established to secure a whole-of-university approach to First Nations issues through mobilisation of the intellectual resources from its Colleges, Schools, Departments, and Institutes.

The FNP works across the ANU to ensure it is a world leader in the teaching, curriculum and research of First Nations issues, and engagement with First Nations communities. We strive to make a leading contribution to national policy in terms of the relationship between Indigenous Australians and the nation. Primarily, this occurs through collaborations with existing ANU research and education units and the formation of partnerships between the University and Indigenous communities and stakeholders.

The FNP provides an environment for debating significant and strategic issues and seeks to partner with communities, their representative organisations, and enterprises to further the status, recognition, and lives of Indigenous peoples. To achieve this outcome requires constant attention to impact, engagement and partnership with First Nations communities, and a commitment to innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to our work.

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First Nations Portfolio

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Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education Centre

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General Manager

First Nations Portfolio

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