The First Nations Portfolio’s Murru waaruu (On Track) Economic Development Series will culminate in the sixth and final seminar – ‘Niiringal (the day after) Implementation of Uluru Part 4: The right institutional arrangements’ – marking the conclusion of this insightful and transformative series.

Continuing the spirit of the 2022 Marramarra murru (Creating Pathways) Economic Development Wealth Forum and Symposium, the seminar series has brought together forward-thinking academics and professionals throughout 2023 who share a common objective: to develop a policy framework that empowers the economic advancement of First Nations Australians.

Seminar Six – to be held on Wednesday, 22 November 2023 from 9:00am until 5:00pm, at the Australian National University in Canberra – will assess existing economic self-determination policies for Australian First Nations institutions and identify modifications to support economic self-determination.

Join prominent First Nations leaders and entrepreneurs, public figures, policymakers, scholars and industry authorities to deliberate on whether we have the right institutional settings in place and to examine what additional institutional functions are required to support economic self-determination.

A policy shift may also prompt organisations like Registered Native Title Prescribed Body Corporates and Land Councils to enhance the nature and scope of their activities so that they thrive in a policy environment centred on economic self-determination.

The outcomes of the Murru waaruu seminars will be captured in a Policy Position Paper to be published at the conclusion of the series. The Policy Position Paper will chart Australia’s First Nations economic policy and institutional framework with a view to achieving sustained and durable economic self-determination for future generations.

To wrap up the Murru waaruu (On Track) Economic Development Seminar Series for 2023, delegates are invited to join the First Nations Portfolio at the conclusion of the final seminar from 5:00pm-6:30pm for drinks and canapés to reflect on the shared journey and celebrate where we have arrived at.

Join us in this transformative endeavour, where the call for change and collective action in pursuit of economic empowerment beckons.